Software Carpentry: back by popular demand

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Jointly with CAPOD, Research Computing, and Leighton Pritchard (The James Hutton Institute), we have recently run a Software Carpentry workshop where we taught Unix shell, version control with Git, and programming with Python to more than 20 staff members and postgraduate students of the University of St Andrews. The workshop was very quickly oversubscribed, and to meet these demands, we will run another one on May 18th-19th. Please see this page for further details and registration instructions.

Please come if you are interested in any of the mentioned topics. There are only several places left, so I advise to register as soon as possible! You do not need to have any prior knowledge of any of the topics. Also, let me emphasise that you can use version control in multiple ways which are not related to programming, to example, for collaborative writing of papers and grant applications in LaTeX, or for maintaining a website like this one.